How To Make Money In China From Free Mobile Games

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Most of the applications on your Chromebook have the ‘auto-update’ option enabled. Since data is sometimes scarce, you must open the Google Play Store and ensure the apps are updated. With Android app development moving at a faster pace, you must keep updating the apps regularly. Google Keep is the best application when you want to prepare a grocery list or note down important pointers.


Once that is done, you can install most games and apps – some, which rely on a working SIM card for confirmation, such as WhatsApp, won’t run on your PC. While older versions of Whatsapp let you manually enter the verification code received on another device, WhatsApp no longer lets you enter the verification code manually. It sends a verification code via SMS and checks whether your registered phone number received that text message. Then WhatsApp automatically pulls that code to register your device.


You’re not allowed to install an APK unless you’ve enabled “Unknown Sources” on your Android device. To do this, just go to “Security” option in “Settings”. Then click “Unknown Sources” option and tap the “OK/Allow” button to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play store. And there are several effective ways you can follow to manually download and install an .apk file to Android device from PC or Mac. But, before we can install it, you’ll need to make sure that your phone has permission to install third-party apps. You can make sure this is checked under the “Security” tab or listing within your Settings menu. Normally it’ll say allow third-party installations or install from unknown sources, but some newer phones and versions of Android are a little more granular.

But most of them are not getting the real money making apps they face a lot of frustration. Below are the best real money earning games apps which can help you make the most of your spare time by downloading an app. HQ Trivia is a mobile app that allows users to play a trivia quiz game to earn cash rewards. The game in HQ trivia is hosted by Scott Rogowsky and sometimes by Sharon Carpenter. is an online survey platform that pays individuals for sharing their opinions. Every survey on this app is worth a certain amount of points which can later be redeemed for rewards such as cash and gift cards. With this app, you can earn money from your daily grocery store purchases.

There Will Always Be Money Making Apps That Pay You

Everyone is looking to make their lives more comfortable by adding some money to their income. Another strategy is to temporarily give away a paid game or app for free, perhaps by partnering with one of the “Free App of the Day” apps or websites. Calculator For apps in general, in-app purchases make up about 40% of revenues, according to mobile tracking form AppsFlyer. Paid-for apps account for about 50% and advertising revenue, about 10%, the firm estimates. One approach is to give away the mobile game for free but offer in-app purchases for more premium features. In the industry, this is aptly referred to as a “freemium” model.

  • If rooting Android is your focus, Nox Player makes it easy to root the virtual device under one minute.
  • And all you need to do is left-clicking when even needed.
  • Further, these are apps that will occupy your free time with fun-filled adventures and adrenaline.

30 Best Apps That Pay You To Play Games

Just be warned – you need a lot of tokens to get a gift card, much more than with most other apps. Some people even find mobile game apps relaxing, especially if they’re watching videos on Netflix or something similar at the same time. If you fall into that category, one of these apps could be perfect. The first, most obvious choice that may come to your mind might be selling the games the way it is done for huge AAA titles — with a fixed, up front price.

which android games support controller

On the other hand, if visit the following website your goal was to increase downloads, then a lookalike audience modeled after your current customers would be a better choice. Think of lookalike audiences as a matchmaker between potential customers and companies.

With A Clip To Hold Your Android Phone In Place, Beboncool’s Wireless Controller Enables A Solid Portable Gaming Experience

Now that you have your game selected, it’s time to start creating content. But the most important thing is that you LOVE the game you want to cover. Because you’re going to be writing dozens of articles and videos, or streaming this game multiple times a week. In order to do that, without the risk of burning out, you’ll have to love what you do. This will make it fun to research ideas, test out new strategies, or play the game to learn more. I created this blog because I love talking marketing and business.

  • A good example of this how do free apps make money through sponsorship deals is Home Depot sponsorship on the Weather Channel App.
  • According to Statista, there are more than 300,000 games just in the Google Play store.
  • Measure the success of your social media posts and email newsletters to see if they’re gaining any traction.

Through World Winner, a web and app-based gaming platform, you can enter various gaming tournaments and win cash. You’ll make a deposit, pick a tournament, play, and wait for the results to withdraw your earnings. Gaming tournaments available include Spades, Super Plinko, and Angry Birds. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but there are several websites and apps that pay you to play games. Thanks to the sites and apps mentioned in this article, many are relishing the idea of earning from the games they play while they still get cash rewards for doing what they love doing.

Implement Paid Acquisition Campaigns

Next, you need to figure out the type of gamers you want to attract, according to their motivations and interests.

It may be tough to develop the game and work on marketing at the same time. Development and marketing need diverse sets of skills to master. It may be wise to team up with a “strategic, crafty marketer leading a talented, ambitious marketing agency”.

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